Elongated Toilet Seat Reviews 2017

Elongated Toilet Seat Reviews 2017In earlier days bathrooms were mostly constructed using the minimum possible space in the house. Little attention was given to the appointments in the bathroom and the utility factor ruled the choice of the items used in the bathroom/toilet. Hence thinking about special bathroom décor was out of the question. The minimum amount of time, money and effort were spent for the bathroom.

Bathrooms have become popular rooms

However, things have changed drastically with the times and nowadays the bathroom is considered to be another way that you can make a lifestyle statement. Bathrooms have become spacious and luxurious places to indulge and pamper yourself. Naturally a place where one intends to relax and rejuvenate energies has to be visually appealing. This is the reason that special attention is now being paid to decorating the bathroom with different designer bathroom accessories. This is also the reason why elongated toilet seats have become more popular than the regular round seats. Elongated Toilet Seat or Bidet Toilet Seat look better than the round ones take up more space. Hence where earlier the round seats were used to just suffice for the function it was supposed to perform and also save space at the same time, elongated ones are being used now because bathrooms have become larger and elongated seats are more convenient.

Elongated Toilet SeatWider choice

Elongated seats for toilets have become so popular nowadays that it has become difficult to find the round ones. The round toilet seats are available only in limited designs and colors. On the other hand, elongated toilet seats are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. For instance, if you have pronounced wood work in your bathroom it will be a good idea to use a wood finish toilet seat to go with it. Similar other matches can be made according to the color scheme and theme of the rest of the bathroom. Hence you do not have to stick to the boring white if you opt for elongated seats.

There are also elongated seats available in the market that has an extra design element. For instance the toilet seats that are made of resin are becoming quite popular. Then there are the toilet seats that are decorated with sea shells and other such creative items. You also get padded toilet seats that add to the comfort of the elongated seats. There are things like aquatic life forms, floral patterns, and geometric designs etc depicted on the toilet seats to make them look even more attractive. Hence if you opt for elongated toilet seats, you will get a very wide choice in terms of style and design.

More practical benefits

Elongated toilet seats provide a larger target area and hence it is easier to maintain hygiene. There is more space at the front and back which makes it quite convenient for men to use these toilet seats. At the same time, people who are either large in bulk or extra tall will also find it more convenient to use elongated seats. These seats are roughly two inches longer than round toilet seats and are shaped like eggs. This makes them more comfortable and convenient to use.

Easy to install and economical

In spite of all the great benefits that Elongated Toilet Seat provide, they are easy to install. In fact there is not much difference in the method of installation of a round toilet seat and an elongated one. Any skilled plumber or mason can perform the job without much trouble. Even the cost of installing a round toilet seat and an elongated one is the same. There may be some difference in the cost of the seats themselves because of the reason that elongated seats are more popular than round ones. However, looking at the benefits of these seats the extra cost is worth paying, especially if you want a great looking bathroom that pleases your senses.

In order to look for these seats you can visit the local sanitary ware store, however, these seats can be easily found and ordered online. Some of the stores selling these elongated toilet seats also provide installation services. Shopping on these online stores is convenient and hassle free and the best part is that the product is delivered to your doorstep.

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