Monitoring Your One Year Old Babies from Infant-hood – What You Need to Know

There is nothing more exciting than being able to see your first baby grow up throughout the first twelve months of life. The whole development process for first time parents can really be challenging. However, with the proper education, research and advice from experts, parents can easily cope up with all of the challenges and admire what they have accomplished in helping their little angel grow into a little tyke.

As you opt o monitor your child’s monthly development, you’ll be discovering a variety of significant event that you should be taking note of. You’ll want to remember those wonderful days when your baby is still dependent on what parents can do and teach them. Here’s a thorough guide on what you should be expecting now that your baby has reached twelve months of age.

Growth of a One Year Old Child

Since your baby has been delivered, you will notice that the baby’s weight has gained three times after the first time you checked. Their growth percentage will be up to fifty percent wherein their height will be for about nine inches up to eleven inches and their brain growth development will be for about sixty percent. In your baby’s first year of life, you will notice that fast growth development and eventually slow down as your child gains more weight and increases his or her level of activity.

Motor Skills Development of a One Year Old Child

  • There is not much to discover though your baby should be able to stand by leaning or holding to things. One year old babies should also have the ability to take those initial small steps from one direction to another and you may want to put this event on record.
  • Their motor skills development also includes tasks which they can do on their own like eating with the use of their own little fingers, viewing pages of books and other simple activities which have been added to their daily routine.

More Tips to Consider for One Year Old Babies

  1. Since your babies are now growing and they would love to start exploring different places inside the house or even outside, you should have enough room in and out of your house for your child’s playground. Consider adding toys and baby furniture that will help your child explore and have fun. Probably you will also have to make some changes at home to ensure that the spaces where the baby explores are baby-proof.
  2. Don’t forget to have your baby explore other surrounding and also breathe fresh air. You can stroll in the park or probably at the mall. Traveling is the best way to explore, however you should always ensure that your child is secured in an infant safety seat when traveling by car.
  3. These are a just a few guidelines that you may want to look into when it comes to monitoring the growth of your one year old baby. The rest will be charge to you and your baby’s experience.

One Year Old Sleeping Patterns

More likely you were taunted by your babies when they were newborns as they keep on staying awake late at night even if you attend to their needs every single time of the day. However, when they reach twelve months of age, you can now rest assure that they are sleeping more during night time and playing more during daytime. Your youngsters may still need that power nap in the afternoon but some would rather play and get exhausted to easily make them fall asleep at night.

Eating Habits of One Year Old Babies

There are certain foods that you probably have been introducing to your little one at this particular age. What’s important is that you introduce new food gradually so you can monitor which food you child could be allergic to.

As per breast feeding, you probably have transitioned to formula milk and feeding bottles instead. You can consider the advice of your pediatrician regarding what type of milk will best suit your child at this age to help your child’s body and brain development. Those mothers who still consider breastfeeding, should actually substituting your milk with healthy food in a gradual manner, like for instance reducing breast milk feeding time before going to bed. This could be a challenge for mothers who are used to breastfeeding their children and vice versa. However, to be able to break the habit of the child latching during night time at this age, introducing snacks or other food may be a good start.

Take note that this could be a new thing for your child so it’s necessary to allow your baby to adjust through these changes. Parents should also be mindful of the food that they are serving their kids to ensure that what they are eating is not classified as choking hazards.

How Do One Year Old Babies Communicate

Babies at an early age are explorers and good listeners. Most of them can easily mimic the sounds and noises that they hear from the environment. At this age, if you keep introducing the sounds “ma-ma”and “pa-pa” to your babies, they can easily imitate these sounds and associate them to what these words and sounds really means.

As you babies reach a year old, they are now being more sociable. They are now trying to decipher what comes in between your conversations when you’re at home and then they try to also look for attention whenever they can. At this age, you can already introduce some of those disciplinary actions for certain behaviors that you find unacceptable and praise the child for showing the appropriate behavior.

Your child can also show preference for many things at this particular age. They would sometime prefer one person from another or one type of food from the other. They can also show various behaviors such as anxiety and shyness when around other people especially those they haven’t been acquainted to.

Attire for One Year Old Babies

Since your baby is now growing up and wants to do things on their own, you will have to make sure that what they wear are more comfortable and can also protect them from the weather. When you dress up your baby, you will absolutely have to add shoes to the baby’s ensemble. When choosing the right shoes for your baby, it should at least have enough allowance or space in case the child’s feet grows fast.

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